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Follow our simple 4 Step Process!

Meet Admission Requirements:

To begin the process, ensure you have the following:
• Photo ID
• Willingness to follow house rules
• 30 days of sobriety

Apply online

Fill out our online application to initiate the admission process. Our user-friendly application form makes it easy to provide the necessary information.

Intake Interview & Orientation

Once your application is received, one of our intake specialists will contact you. They will conduct an over-the-phone interview to learn more about your needs and answer any questions you may have. This step allows us to ensure that our program aligns with your goals and expectations.

Pay the First Month’s Rent & Deposit

After the intake interview and orientation, we will guide you through scheduling payment for the first month’s rent and the required deposit.

Move In and Welcome

Once all necessary payments and fees are settled, you will be warmly welcomed to our community. Our team will arrange a move-in date and provide you with a tour of the house, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the facilities and amenities available.
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